Customer SUCCESS Stories

Testimonials from our clients.

Lori Colombrita DeSaye  

Kelly was amazing! She made the whole financial aid process worry free!!! My situation seemed complicated but she handled it with ease and were happy with our results.

Regina Lustman- Schreiner

Great help having someone who knows the proper way to fill out these forms is invaluable. Kelly was helpful and went above and beyond. Thank you Kelly!

Jeannie Tagliareni

Kelly is incredible knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Her professional guidance and availability made our college financial aid experience much easier to handle. We highly recommend using KAS!!

Diane Schimpf Marchione

Kelly made a stressful time much less stressful Thanks for the speedy help

Fatima Muller

Muller Thank u. U saved me a ton of money.

It’s worth every penny.

Lexy Logan

Kelly is amazing!! She puts People First! Without her, the college process would have been a struggle.. she assisted me and many of my friends who were struggling as well! Ty KAS!! Highly a stressful time much less stressful Thanks for the speedy help

Lindsey Schreiner

She is amazing! Known her all my life and I trust her with it, too.

Aliki O'Neil

O'Neil Great service at reasonable prices for all my friends with college-bound kids!